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Ursula caught my attention as her appearance broke with my own classic notion of what mature women look like. I was attracted to Ursula's personality and life story. The portrait of Ursula shows a woman with clear signs of lived life. The strong look, the soft almost white hair, the wrinkles and the tattoos are like a collection of stories about the life lived in constant change. The portrait of Ursula (first image) has been selected to be included in the exhibition PortraitNow! 2021. The Carlsberg Foundation's Portrait Prize PortraitNow! is a competition for Nordic artists held at the National History Museum at Frederiksborg.

The exhibition is open:  Frederiksborg Slot: 7.5. - 1.8.2021 // Ljungbergmuseet: 4.9 . - 14.11.2021. 

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